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Welcome to Cucini

The name of “CUCINI” is from an Italian word “CUCINA”, meaning cooking style. 

The “I” stands for personalizing kitchen cabinet that tailors to our customer’s cooking style. Our top goal is to meet customer’s satisfaction by listening to their needs and challenges and then providing them the best in class cabinet solutions. We aim to enhance our customer’s cooking experience while enjoying their high-quality cabinets.

We are the team who brings over 10 years of experience in kitchen and bath cabinetry manufacturing and design.  Our high quality custom made products including but not limited to modern European style kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and entertainment cabinets. We provide expert supports across design and production to better contain and/or eliminate design failures, communication problems and manufacturing defect. We believe that our high-quality and sustainable products will provide both form and function for today’s busy home that fit urban lifestyle of young professions in Bay Area.